Car Maintenance for City Driving: Tips for Forex Traders

Car Maintenance for City Driving: Tips for Forex Traders

Whether dealing with traffic-filled roads, tight parking spots, or long city commutes, successful car maintenance is essential for city driving. In this article, we’ll provide important tips to help drivers keep their cars in tip-top shape for urban environments.

Tips For Proper Maintenance of Your Car For City Driving

It goes without saying that regular maintenance and servicing is essential to keep your car in optimal condition whether you’re driving in the city or on the open road. It’s important to not only complete regular oil changes and basic maintenance like replacing the filter, but also to go further to ensure your car is likely to remain in driving condition with minimal technical issues. You’ll want to make sure you follow these commonly suggested tips for handling your car in the city.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Recommendations

Much like servicing any other device, it’s important to read up on the maintenance instructions provided by your car manufacturer. This is because the manufacturer knows their models best and will provide information on the best method for keeping your car’s engine in optimal condition. For example, they will provide info such as how often to change your oil, when to replace the filter, or even when to rotate the tires. Don’t forget to read up on the options available to you for servicing your engine, too.

Change Your Oil Regularly

Experts suggest you should never let it be more than 3,000 miles between oil changes. This is especially important in city settings when you account for stop-and-go traffic, line up at the traffic lights for extended periods of time, and increase your likelihood of having to wait in line for a parking spot. The frequent start and stop of the engine will put a lot of stress on your machinery, and without performing those regular oil checks, you may end up with a burnt-out engine before you know it.

Keep Your Tires in the Best Condition

Your tires are your vehicle’s contact with the road, so it’s important to maintain them in the best condition. It’s suggested that you rotate your tires every 5,000 miles, which will make sure your weight is evenly distributed across all four of them. Without this regular rotation, chances are that the right tire would suffer more strain than the left, resulting in cracked tires over time. You’ll also want to check your tire pressure regularly. Under-inflated tires will make it harder to accelerate and brake, while over-inflated tires are more prone to punctures.

Check Your Lights and Wipers

These probably don’t sound like maintenance tasks at first, but it’s important to make sure your lights and wind blow indicators are in proper working condition. This is especially important when driving in the city at night, where you’ll need to have all your lights and indicators working at their highest capacity to make sure you can signal your intentions. With everyday usage, wiper blades become worn and ineffective, so you’ll want to replace them every 6 months to have better visibility while driving.

Get your Car Serviced According to Professional Advice

When you go to the garage for regular service on your car, make sure to get your car washed, lubricated and waxed. While this may seem excessive, professionals recommend you do this so that you’re less prone to rust and corrosion. Rust prevention is key when it comes to city driving, and in order to maintain the look of your car, it’s important to get these services done.


Keeping your car in the best condition is a priority for both city and open-road drivers. Regular oil checks, rotating your tires, and making sure your lights and wipers are in tip-top shape are just some of the key elements of good car maintenance. Additionally, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing your engine and getting your car washed, lubricated and waxed regularly are all pieces of advice to help ensure your car looks and runs at its best.